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DECONcert1 – Regenerative Brainwave Music

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Group eeg concert orchestrated by James Fung, while working as a student in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto’s  EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab. Link to a video of the performance Link to Abstract of the evolution of the project (from one-space performances to those … Read More

Tactile Vision Substitution Systems (Bach-y-Rita)

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In Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita’s classic TVSS Tactile Vision Substitution System from the late 1960′s has inspired a number of cross-over physical computing, visualization, & media arts projects intended to encourage brain plasticity for rehabilitation purposes — in this case, as a tactile reading aid for … Read More

Teddy Bear Vision – Proposal

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The early visual system is designed to detect contrast borders. For my project, I would like to use simple contrast borders detection to derive the location where new geometric forms will originate. It will be as if there are small organisms growing at the edges, … Read More

Zimoun – Elegant documentation – simple hardware sweet-nothings

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Zimoun : Sound Sculptures & Installations | Compilation Video V1.6 from ZIMOUN VIDEO ARCHIVE on Vimeo. Had to repost this from Lauren’s site because it is some of the most gorgeous documentation (and simple, beautiful work) I have ever seen!