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8 bit City – Patrick Jean

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Amazing 8 bit pixel animation, spectacular CG with live-action integration, fun!

Tiny-Bit Generative Platformer Reference

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Voxel from Ubik on Vimeo. Ubik Studio’s,”Voxel”. This design in my inspiration for a simple 3D platformer driven by BCI. Here is a still: Cactus’s “Love Story”, experimental pixel-inspired platformer, is also inspiring. Here are 2 screenshots from the promo video:

Simple Shooter Part 1

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This week’s Flash Assignment, a simple shooter game part 1. Shooter Link Here: It won’t shoot unless you download it & play with flashplayer (make sure keyboard shortcuts are turned off). SPACEBAR: Shoot ARROW KEYS OR WASD: Move 1, 2, 3 KEYS: Change Bullets Next … Read More

Simple Kaleidoscope

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Link Here: Kaleidoscope To run kaleidoscope (after following link above), 1) Mouse clicks run the kaleidoscope. 2) Keys 1, 2, 3 change shapes Flash programming assignment for this week — a simple kaleidoscope