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Retro-Futuristic “Better Charts”

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Met with a couple of engineers I’m collaborating with on this crazy Data Viz game world tracking project. This video inspires me for our category “better charts”. How about an animating UI data viz Tron-love chart? I vote yes. qwargill from beeple on Vimeo.

Robotic Space Jellyfish!

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space jellyfish

This is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen all day. I’m transmedia obsessed with jellyfish right now. Writing a screenplay about 2 women mysteriously drawn to an immortal jellyfish. An interactive animation project involving a jellyfish character interface & aquatic environment. And now … Read More

Google Web Labs: Data Tracer

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web lab tracer

The immortal jellyfish image lives in Denver. Nice to see the pathway drawn between my location and the image. Not sure what the geometric terrain signifies. Clever & smart project. Love to see virtual across-the-world activity reflected on real-worlds, such as the universal orchestra project. … Read More

AR Storytelling Possibility – Animated Paintings on Walls

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Animators have been doing projections on walls for years. This is not new. However, I can see how this type of approach could be well applied to Augmented Reality story-telling around a city or in a building. SCIB Paints ‘Sherif and Amina’ from Ubik on … Read More

True Happiness as a measure of a flow of affection

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“And though history has made us self-conscious in order to enhance our survival prospects, we still have deep impulses to erase the skull lines in our head and become immersed directly in the river. I’ve come to think that flourishing consists of putting yourself in … Read More

Poddles – a similar working demo @ MIT

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Poddles is a rapid prototype that Lauren Fenton, Meryl Alper, Harsh Vathsangam, and I designed for the 2011 Annenberg Symposium at USC. These digital toy blocks have embedded LCD touch screens which respond to one-another. Users can draw or download pre-made animated designs which can move … Read More

“Emotional” Fake Fur

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‘Smart Fur’ Lets Robo-Pets Read Owners’ Emotions This sounds like a fun idea, but I’d like to know how the interaction was designed. How are the emotions being read? How are the emotions being translated into gestures of touch? And then, how is this manifest … Read More

Layar iPhone App

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cup protocol

At the ISEA Istanbul International Symposium n Electronic Art this past September, I participated in a simple Augmented Reality workshop in which we using the iPhone app, Layar. Being automated, the app is easy to use, but navigating through pre-existing tours through the city, imagery … Read More

Camera Projection Record Player Zoetropes

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I’m loving following this guy’s blog progress on his Record Player Zoetropes. The latest one uses camera projection, which I’m getting into for a Vision & Voices projection at USC. Deceptively simple. Battles – IPT2 – 3D Zoetrope Mapping from Retchy on Vimeo.

Mobile 3D!

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2011 is the year for mobile glasses-free (Autostereoscopy) 3D. In addition to the Nitendo 3DS, 3D Capable Phones are in the works. I’ll be taking a 3DS stereoscopic game development course this Spring. The main questions to consider, addressed in a USC work group yesterday, … Read More