Poddles – a similar working demo @ MIT

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Poddles is a rapid prototype that Lauren Fenton, Meryl Alper, Harsh Vathsangam, and I designed for the 2011 Annenberg Symposium at USC.

These digital toy blocks have embedded LCD touch screens which respond to one-another. Users can draw or download pre-made animated designs which can move between screens and respond to user movements such as touching other blocks, shaking, spinning, stacking, etc. The blocks encourage an integration between digital, virtual, and tangible play.

See a brief demonstration of the concept in action below or through this link:

Yesterday’s Engaget featured an MIT project demo using OLED Display Blocks. They concentrated on engineering the actual technology to work with multiple small interactive screens on block faces. Very cool to see! We focused on how this near future (or now current?) technology might be implemented within creative play situations and for entertainment purposes. In their video, they also suggest possible uses for the blocks as interface tools, rather than on the blocks as toys. See the article here!


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