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2011 is the year for mobile glasses-free (Autostereoscopy) 3D. In addition to the Nitendo 3DS, 3D Capable Phones are in the works.

I’ll be taking a 3DS stereoscopic game development course this Spring. The main questions to consider, addressed in a USC work group yesterday, are what is it about 3D that is better than 2D? What makes it special? What can be done in 3D that can’t be done in 3D? And what is unique about real-time 3D?

What are the Nitendo 3DS competitors up to?
I appreciate Hasbro’s take on the Mattel Viewmaster, but what would make the essence of what the Viewmaster stood for and inspired experientially, relevant to today? Rather than duplicating its look and function, I think an updated design should capture the core wonder of the play experience, which in this day and age, involves a largely glasses-free device.

With my film, The Reality Clock, I considered 3D from a conceptual and emotional standpoint. I read multiple accounts of how depth perception is affected by aging and particularly, by Dementia. With dreams, memories, and hallucinations, there can be both a flattening out and deepening of depth. Rather than replicate ordinary depth perception, I was inspired to explore how these subtle changes in depth might subtly alter emotional associations. In the end, I ended up following a more classical strategy of stereo — opening scene with deep depth, then flatten out for Act 1, deepening for the surreal section of Act 2, and then slowly becoming deeper through the end of Act 3. I spent more time learning how to do 3D technically, than playing with it. Coming up, I’d like to explore 3D in ways more relevant to the questions addressed above, and my original more experimental inspirations for the film.

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