Narcisystem by Syynlabs, shown at Mindshare LA 2009

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Narcisystem @ Syynlabs, by Eric Gradman.
“In contrast to developing art that encourages others to interact, The NARCISYSTEM is designed to interface with the anatomy of an individual participant wired with as many biometric sensors as possible, and uses their output to drive a myriad of audio/visual effects throughout a venue. The sensors relay feedback from a diverse set physical motions including heartrate, balance, brain activity (EEG), and compass heading. The information gathered is then translated into an ambient noise and light display that allows everyone in the space to understand what the participant is doing. For instance, every step taken by someone wearing the NARCISYSTEM will be amplified through a subwoofer while a breathalyzer hack linked to a hidden fog machine displays their current blood/alcohol levels! Since no contemporary project is complete without gratuitous use of an iPhone, a visualizer for all this data has also been written for the iPhone.”

Here’s a picture of the sensors attached to a belt.

A shot from video documentation. The sensors record direction, and turn on corresponding stage lights.

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