Teddy Bear Vision – Proposal

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The early visual system is designed to detect contrast borders. For my project, I would like to use simple contrast borders detection to derive the location where new geometric forms will originate. It will be as if there are small organisms growing at the edges, deforming the original image with its fungal-like structure. The sensors will be in a plush teddy bear (referencing this original study, exemplified by the teddy bear images below). The location of the viewer to the teddy bear will effect the movement of the growths on the screen. The aesthetic system of the growths will have certain qualities, that as a whole, will act as a parasitic character.

Marr & Nishihara, Phil Trans R Soc Lond B, 275: 483, 1976

This week, I worked on developing the image processing/growth technique in processing. See examples below:

with image processing above:

original spiral image above:

teddy bear with image processing (a bit cropped)

original teddy bear image

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